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Ill Made Ending

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Incubus Feb. 16th, 2004 @ 11:56 am
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Feb. 14th, 2004 @ 02:14 pm
there was this little girl named kelly so pure and innocent that her mother kept her away from the world. she home-schooled her and lived some where no one would find them. the mother tried to keep kelly's soul pure but what she didn't know was that the mother's own corruption would be the downfall of her daughter.
even though the mother kept kelly away from evil people, the mother didn't see the bitterness growing within herself from lack of communication and lack of a male's touch.
on kelly's 6th birthday her mom made her a cake and gave her a small sentimental gift as she did all those other years. but this year would be different. kelly was beginning to understand things about her mother. her mother thought she was still that pure child from before but the mother's bitterness rubbed off onto the little child. so when it was time for the cutting of the cake. the mother brought out the utensils. but she forgot the plates so she left kelly alone at the table. kelly grabbed the knife hid it in her sleeve and walked to her mother. as her mother turned to kiss kelly on the cheek kelly took out the knife and sliced her mother's head off. it bounced onto the floor and rolled toward the dining room. kelly picked up the head and placed it one the cake. placed 6 candles in several spots on her mom's head. kelly lit the candles and blew them out like any other birthday. she slowly cut a piece of the cake and sat there by herself eating her birthday cake with her mother's head still on the cake.

Feb. 5th, 2004 @ 09:39 pm
i want my ears to bleed.
i want the last thing i hear to be my own tortured screaming.
i want the purest sound pain can make to be ringing in my ears from now until the day i die.
i want my hands to stop shaking long enough to carve out clearly an image of pain on this page
i want a million souls to collide into mine
i want to swallow sadness whole
i want this hunger to invade every inch of my body and destroy my senses
i want my fault to shake the world
i want widows to weep when bearing witness to my unwordly shriek
i want to be the embodiment of your every nightmare
i want to see your face when i vomit on your sanctity
i want you to feel a thousand angry corpses rising in your blood
i want to pull out my soul, hold it in my bloodied hands, and smash it to the floor
i NEED the cycle to be complete.

First Post Jan. 27th, 2004 @ 10:57 pm
Hello All, Necro here, Administrator of this community, here for the first post.

I thought i'd start things off by posting on of my more popular works - Lady Lenore. Comments as always would be greatly appreciated.

Lady Lenore - Chapter One - Spirit Flows ForeverCollapse )

I encourage anyone to join, invite people, anything. This place is meant to share opinions and writings, so get this place in motion.

~ Necro
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