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Incubus - Ill Made Ending

About Incubus

Previous Entry Incubus Feb. 16th, 2004 @ 11:56 am
"I WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!"

"Go on and hit me, fuckers."

"What harm can a little gambling do?"

"The doctor will to see you now....."

"God will never love you! See you in hell, heathen!!!!"

"WHA?!" screamed Rob, as he lifted his head off of his desk. The entire english class stared at the star player in confusion.

"Sleeping again Mr. Star?" said the teacher, with a upset look on her face.

The entire class laughed as Rob scratched his head, playing around with his brown hair.

"Do not forget class, your essays on "Purgatorio" are due next class, and they count for 10% of this semester's grade! OTher then that, enjoy your weekend, and Mr. Star, please get some rest, this is a class, not 'nap time'."

Then class laughed as the bell rang, school was out. His name was Rob Star, the most popular guy in school. Everyone knew his name- he was a celebrity. Rob got out of his seat, slinging his backpack on one arm, his letterman jacket in his other arm. The hallway was full of life, as the students got their books out of their lockers. From behind Rob, came another student, quickly rushing to Rob's side, and patting him on the back.

"Hey man, can't take the partying? Your such a pussy when it comes to hangovers..."

Rob pushed the other student into a locker, agrily rubbing his blue eyes.

"Shut the fuck up, I'm just a little sleepy!"

The other student regained his balance, and trotted back to Rob's side.

"Hey! Whoa-WHOA! I was just joking man, calm down, Fuck..."

Rob continued his way down the school corridor, opening the front door, walking down the steps out in front of the high school.

"So Rob, you coming to Kasandra's party tonight? She's your bitch, ain't she?"

"Ha, yeah man, I'm going."

"You going to tap that?!"

"You know it!"

"Ha, cool man, i'll catch ya later at the party, ok?"

"Alright man, later!"

Rob continued his way down, out in front of the school. A girl appeared towards the side of him, grabbing and hugging his arm.


"Hey Rob! What ya doing tonight?"

"Well, I was thinking of going to your party..."

"O! Great! So you can come! Bad ass, man! But hey, I need to talk to you a bit, could you wait for me at the football field?"

"Anything for you babe, but why? Can't we just walk over there right now?"

"I need to pick some things up from the library, but I'll meet you there, k?"

"Ok, see you there"

The afternoon sky was darker then usual, the wind blowing increasingly fast. The november afternoon afternoon seemed more like a december evening. The air chilled Rob, to the point of shaking. Rob stopped at the football field, and layed his bag down onto the floor. Lying down on it, he closed his eyes.

"Just kick back, and wait for Kasandra...."

Rob closed his eyes gently, and fell to sleep.

"Hahahahahaha, he's sleeping, that's so funny!"

"Ughh, what the?"

Rob opened his eyes, only to see a boy standing in front of him. He looked about 19 or so, and was dressed in black jeans, clad with chains all across the sides. He wore a grey t-shirt, with the words "Disgust is contagious" written on it. His hair was jet black, and spiked. His eyes brown, peering at Rob.

"who the fuck are you, freak?!" shouted rob as he jumped up off the ground. "Where the fuck is my backpack?!"

"Ha, you have no use for your backpack here, and besides, why the fuck would I need your god damn backpack?"

"Don't talk to me that way you bastard!"

"Hahahaha, You amuse me, ass. The name is Samuel, Trent Samuel. Rob Star, correct?"

"Uhhh, uhhh, yeah, I'm Rob, how'd you know my name?"

"Lucky guess, Ha!"

"Where am I? How'd you get me here?!" questioned Rob as he stared around at the empty street that he had been re-located to.

"Confused is the little boy, lost little boy, O how he is confused! You're in Hell, Rob."

"Ha ha ha, I'm not fucking joking, where the fuck am I, and how did you get me here?!"

"Would this face lie to you?" said Trent as he grinned menacingly.


"Hahahahahaha! Sleep shall neither night nor day Hang upon his penthouse lid. He shall live a man forbid, Weary...."

"Oo, I get it now, you stupid asses think you can play a joke on me, huh? Well, Trent, am I really in hell?"

"HAHAHAHA! Hell you be!"

"Then that must make you that poet guy, Virgil somethin, right?"

"HAHAHAHAHA! VIRGIL?! Master had no use for HIM anymore, he's up with the humans."

"What the fuck are you on dude?! Tell me where the fuck I am!"

Trent stuck his hands into his pockets, and pulled out a Tarot card.

"Pick a card Rob, any card."

Rob stared at Trent's hand, it only held one card.

"I don't have time for this shit man!"



Rob extended his hand out, and pulled the card from Trent's hand. On it, was a picture of a body, covered in snow. Above the body, where the heavens, a nightly sky, filled with stars. The text 'The Fallen Star' lay under the image.

"What the fuck is this supposed to mean?!"

"I'm collecting these cards, you see! I NEED these cards, badly. Could you help me find them?"


"The card that lays in your hand, you found it for me already. But you see, there are five others I need. Find them for me, and then i'll tell you where you are."

"you're fucking kidding me! This is total bullshit dude! There's no way i'm going to do this shit!"

"Hahahaha, fine then, suit yourself, Robby boy..."

Trent turned around and began walking away.


"What do you want?"

"Fine, i'll help ya' find your cards, but will you sware you'll tell me where I am? and where my shit is?"

"Ha, i swear my SOUL on it, Rob."

"Okay then, what cards did you lose?"

"Hahaha, Well, I never said I lost them, now did I? I NEED them, that's more like it."

"whatever, just tell me!"

"Ok then. The Black Pope. The Twisted Healer. The Liberating Knife. The Troubled Gambler. and last, but not least, The Wounded Rebel."

"Ok, i'll try to remember the names."

"Good luck, Rob. you'll need it, desperately..."

"HEY! WAIT! Where do I look?"

"Hahaha, so you aren't as stupid as I thought you were. See there?" said Trent as he pointed to one sidewalk of the street.

"Go there, and follow the red light, it's obvious where to go from there."

"Ok Trent, thanks man."

"No Rob, Thank YOU" replied Trent as he grinned and began to walk away.

"Later, Trent." said Rob as he made he way towards the sidewalk, and the red light.

Trent stopped, as her looked toward the left side of the street.


A tall, groggy looking figure appeared out of the shadows, wearing a black hat, and a black, ragged trenchcoat, completely covering the figure from view.

"Come, let us not miss Star's finding of The Liberating Knife. Let us make way to Limbo."

The shady figure, Consumption, began to follow Trent, without making a word. Trent slowly began to open his mouth.

"Stars, hide your fires. Let not light see my black and deep desires...."
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