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First Post - Ill Made Ending

About First Post

First Post Jan. 27th, 2004 @ 10:57 pm Next Entry
Hello All, Necro here, Administrator of this community, here for the first post.

I thought i'd start things off by posting on of my more popular works - Lady Lenore. Comments as always would be greatly appreciated.

Spirit Flows Forever:

Dreizehn walked cautiously around the corridors of the concert hall.

"Shite, this is annoying, Where the hell is she anyway?!"

Her yell echoed through the empty hall, in fear she covered her mouth and stood still. Her hair was a light brown, hanging down to her shoulders. She was dressed in dirty black overalls, her shirt a dark violet color. A wrench sat in her pocket, and was slowly slipping out. Dreizehn stared at it as it slowly fell to the floor. With a CLANK, it fell, alarming the security guards. Dreizehn quickly unfroze and stood her position as the guards ran to her, pointing a flashlight in her face.

"What the hell are you doing girl?! Show us your ticket!"

Dreizehn gave a impish smile to the two security guards.

"Sorry loves, I don't seem to have one with me" said Dreizehn as she pulled her pockets out.

"Then i'm afraid were going to have to escort you out of the building"

The two guards walked up to Dreizehn as she jumped back.

"Please comply with us, we don't want any trouble"

Dreizehn chuckled and rested her hands on her hips.

"Then you shouldn't have talked to me, Shite you peeps are dumb"

The two guards became enraged and charged at Dreizehn. She dodged the two, and put her arms behind her back.

"O now you've gone and done it sonnie! Wanna meet my friend Osiren?"

"We don't have any time for your games little girl, now come with us!"

"That wasn't a question, Sigh, Now I shwill hafta' hurt ya!"

Dreizehn began to pull a silver sword out from behind her, the guards eyes opening widely at the sight. The handle was a dark, dark black, and the metallic part a glowing maroon. She quickly waved it up, as the sound of air splitting echoed in the hall.

"Alrighty Then! Pardon me if this hurts ya'!"

Dreizehn yelled as she charged at the two guards.


The two guards screamed like children and ran out of the hall in the blink of an eye. Dreizehn put her sword in a holster, and slowly brought her right arm to her ear. Two fingers pushed gently on her ear, her lips slowly moved.

"Dreizehn.....In position.....Time to give these kiddies a real show."


The concert arena was completely black. The sounds of the guitarist, drummer, and other musicians could be heard. The crowd screamed in joy and stomped thier feet, anxious to see her. Her name was Lenore. Her new sprung career as a singer was quite succesful, and she topped every music chart. Her songs and voice, joyous and pleasant, Lenore was a star singer on the rise. The audience hushed as the guitarist strummed his guitar slowly, creating a descending wail. A beep noised, over and over, and the crowd went ballistic. At the sound of ever beep, they counted down. "5.....4.....3.....2.....1!!!" shouted the crowd. At the sound of the final number, the sides of the stage ignited with white fireworks, streaming from the ground. There stood lenore, with her head down in the middle of the stage. Her lips began to open, as she sang.

"Give up, Give in!"

She began to walk up closer the the edge of the stage, drawing towards the audience, she stopped, and waved her arms in front of her. A curtain of flames appeared in front of Lenore, blocking her from the audience. The audience screamed madly as more chants of "give up, give in, give up, give in" sounded from Lenore. Behind the curtain of flames, rose a black pillar, with Lenore standing on top of it. Her brown hair was wavy, and shined with the light. She was wearing a red top, revealing her arms and her lower abdominal area. Below, was a black skirt, and black boots, clad with sparkling metal buckles. A microphone earpiece was attached to her ear, as she began to dance atop the pillar. The arena was suddenly filled with colorful spotlights shining everywhere. The emblem of Lenore's back tattoo flying around the area, as it spun to the music. The singing stopped for an instant, as a chime played. Lenore thrusted her hand up in the air, and brought it back down, covering her face. She tossed her arm aside, and began to sing.

"A heart thats cold, a heart thats stone, a heart so used, to being alone. It will take you, in its arms, and keep you free, away from harm-----. Get inside like its inside you!, its everything you wan-ted to do!!!, so spark the flame, ignite the fire!!!, and claim your dreams, your heart's desire--------!!!"

Shouts of praise and joy boomed all over, as Lenore held the high note, with her eyes closed, and head pointed up.

"Give up, give in, give up, give in, if you fight you'll never win. The pull is so strong, believe in destiny and you'll belong, you'll Be-long-----------------!! Give up, give in, give up, give in, if you fight you'll never win. give up, give in, give up, give in, If you fight, you'll ne-ver win."


Dreizehn rapidly ran across the arena, as the spotlights pointed and flew all over the room. She turned her head to the stage, and saw Lenore, performing and dancing. She put her fingers to her ear, and began to speak.

"Hey, I spotted queen bee you guys, she's the singer chick, right?"

She stood in position, waiting for a response.

"Ok, got it, now I gots' ta' find me a screamer!"

Dreizehn ran around the arena, looking for a loud fan to use. Every other person ignored her, they were too focused on Lenore singing to watch Dreizehn frantically running around. Suddenly, a loud scream of a fan startled Dreizehn, as she tripped and fell to the floor.

"Dam-ness, What was that?!"

She rubbed her head and rose up, only to see a large, chunky fan, screaming her lungs out for Lenore. Her voice shrieked and pierced Dreizehn's eardum, and those of everyone around her. Dreizehn grinned, and put her fingers to her ear.

"I found oneeeee, She's plump n' stuff too, so you just KNOW she's loud as shite. Just find me, we'll start during the second song"

Dreizehn stood in position next to the large girl, as she listened to some sort of sound, other then Lenore.

"Awesome esk-ness, Let's get this shite started! Pick a awesome time, and improvise, make sure you get fat arse to scream really loud.....then she already is"

Dreizehn covered her ears in agony as the girl screamed louder.


"Ooo---, don't give in----. Don't give in----. Don't give in----"

Lenore swayed her hips slowly as she gave a glare to the audience. Her green eyes peered into the very soul of the audience. Her mesmerizing gave tranced all. The music then began to play back at it's normal pace, as Lenore broke out into dance.

"I know you're scared, just follow me. You cant deny what's meant-to-be---! Embrace the power, you hold within. it wont let you down, you'll rise again. So take my hand, o-pen your eyes, we'll take the world, as our pri-ize. Your soul calls out, you sense its pain, bringing you back, to whence you came. To claim your dreams, to feed the fire. To finally achieve, your heart's desire--------. Give up, give in, give up, give in, if you fight you'll never win. Give up, give in, give up, give in, if you fight you'll never win. give up, give in, give up, give in, If you fight, you'll ne-ver win."

The lights in the large concert arena completely turned off. Crowds and crowds of people cheering madly, chanting "LENORE!! LENORE!!". The stage slowly became eluminated as the guitarists slowly began to play chords. The crowd yelled in a flurry of excitement. The drummer began bashing his drums in succession, creating a small beat. The lights completely faded, and the arena was pitch black. Steps of high heel shoes could be heard, but the audience remained hushed.

A smooth, serene voice began to sing slowly "Broken Is The Bowl---". The audience remained quiet.

"Spirit flows forever------, Goddess afloat, Afloat in the riiiver-----"

The lights slowly illuminated on a woman, dressed in a red silk dress center stage. Her eyes were closed, and the microphone was held at her mouth.

"Weep for her------! Weep for her now-----."

Her eyes slowly opened, as her brown wavy hair waved in the wind. Her eyes a green color, gleamed along with the lights. Her skin was smooth and fair colored, her body thin and lovely.

"Between the waves lies your love-----"

The crowd began to cheer madly as fans jumped up and waved thier hands in the air. The singer lowered her microphone to her left side, raised her head, and smiled at the audience. The crowd cheered as the singer put the mic to her mouth.


The band began to play a loud and grunge filled tune, as the singer danced around the stage. The crowd went absolutely ballistic in excitement at the sight of thier idol singer, Lenore, singing. It was her first concert ever, Halloween Eve.

"You Ready?"

The crowd cheered and screamed "YES!!".

"Alright, Let's Go!" shouted Lenore as she ripped her dress off, revealing a purple skirt and black tube top.

"Broken is the bowl, Spirit flows forever, Goddess afloat, afloat in that river, Weep for her, weep for her now, Between the waves lies your love, LENORE!"

Lenore broke out into dance as she twirled and pranced across the stage.

"Rite be read, song be sung, for queenliest dead who died- o so young, Love her for her wealth, hate her for her pride, hate her so much that she...............Died-----!"

The lights in the arena turned on, a flurry of colors swirling across the room. Shouts of "LENORE WE LOVE YOU" could be heard all over, as fan yelled, cheered, sang, and even cried in happiness.

"I Said Rite be read, song be sung, For the gold girl, that died so young, Song so fair, Len so fair, Death in her eyes, Life upon her hair"

The guitarist broke out into a solo as Lenore danced around the stage. Arms flailing and legs twisting, Lenore danced with extreme precision and flair.

"Angel in flight, flying forever, high above the sky, Above the damned Earth. Sweet luscious soul, Above friends below, High up in the sky, Up in Heaven-----!"

Lenore changed her voice into a smooth, soft tone.

"And when the grief, Is done, She sits upon a golden throne, Aside the King Of-"

Before Lenore could finish the last lyric, a scream erupted in the crowd. A chunky female fan screamed in horror as she ran out of the arena. Lenore and the band stopped playing, concerned at what was happening. Soon, dozens of fans began screaming and running out. Lenore became frightened and confused, she had absolutely no idea what was going on. A dark violet gas began to fill the arena, as screaming fans ran out of the room. Trampling and falling, crying and screaming, it was pure chaos. The band members began to flee aswell. Lenore began to run after them, but she tripped on a cord, spraining her ankle. Lenore squeezed her leg in pain, as she tried to crawl off the stage. The arena was now completely empty, not one was in there. Lenore glanced around, asthe violet gas swirled around her. She began to feel a sharp sensation on her back, her tattoo was glowing. Lenore struggled on to crawl off the stage. She couldn't do it, she slowly lowered her head, and lied on the floor. A noise of floating sounded to the left of her, she quickly raised her head to see what it was. A floating apparartion appread out of the ground. It was a black orb, with a gray cloak surrounding it. Red eyes appeared in front of it, as it stared fiercely at Lenore. She screamed "SOMEBODY HELP ME!" as she struggled to back away. The noise became louder, as more emerged from the ground. More and more began to arise, now by the dozens! Soon, the arena was filled with the spirits, as the all floated towards the stage. Lenore began to cry as she tried to back away. They continued to fly up, and surrounded her from all sides.

"Wha-What do you want from me?" said Lenore as tears poured down from her face.

The spirits glowed simultaneously as Lenore's tattoo glowed a crimson light.

"RETURN US TO SALVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted the spirits as a blinding light filled the arena.

Lenore screamed in horror as she was blinded by the light. Pure silence filled as Lenore blanked out, and fell to the floor.


"Uhhhh------" grunted Lenore as she slowly sat up. She scratched her head, and rubbed her eyes.

She slwoly stood up, and examined her surroundings. She was on a sidewalk, on a street. It was nightfall, and the moon can be seen high above the sky. The buildings were enormous, much bigger then any she's ever seen. She turned around and glanced at a large tower. Her eyes examined it, as she looked higher and higher. Finally, the tower came to a stob, as a large, digital clock crowned it. Lenore squinted her eyes, as the clock read...

"October The 40th, 2155"

Lenore shaked her head in confusion.

"What the hell? Two thousand, one hundred, and fifty, five? Where am I? What were those things?!"

"They are the Necrolyte, Lenore" said a voice behind Lenore.

Lenore thrusted around, and saw a girl, about sixteen or so, staring at her.

"Who are you? Can you help me?"

The girl slowly walked up to Lenore.

"I am Dreizehn, co-leader of the NLF"

Lenore raised her eyebrow at the girl.


"Yes loves, the NLF, The Necrolyte Liberation Front"

"Erm, nice to meet you...Dreizehn. Could you tell me where I am? please?"

"You are in Caído Angeles, and yes, the clock isn't lyin', it is two thousand one hundred and fifty-five."

"Caído Angeles? What country am I am?"

"Your in Dies Irae Territory, Lenore"

"Dies Irae? Territory?"

"O, pardon my awkwardness and shite, I forgot. This was past day Los Angeles, United States."

Lenore's eyes widened as she stepped back and bumped into a wall.

"You.....have got to be shitting me, is this some kind of joke?"

"They need you Lenore, I'm not shite-ing ya'"


"They are the Necrolyte, angels that sacrificed thier divine presence for the sins of humanity. You are in Caído Angeles, This IS 2155, and I am Dreizehn"


"They need you Lenore, You don't understand, you are thier only hope of salvation, of freedom. Please, come with me Lenore!"

"NO!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!" screamed Lenore as she began to run away.

Dreizehn shaked her head in dissappointment.

"Shite, must she really put me through all this bull-shite? I hafta' call in the troops den'!"

Dreizehn put her fingers to her ear.

"Boys, Queen Bee is escaping, you better go after her"

Lenore continued running, gasping for air as she clumsily ran from Dreizehn. She quickly glanced over her shoulder to see if Dreizehn was following her, only to see hundreds of those spirits, the Necrolytes, chasing after her.


I encourage anyone to join, invite people, anything. This place is meant to share opinions and writings, so get this place in motion.

~ Necro
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